Carta de Tés

Té the english way

The English Way. Ceylan OP Black Tea

Ceylan OP is the ideal option for those who still prefer the strong-scented and somehow sweet classic tea.

Ingredients: Ceylan OP Black Tea
Weight: 95 gr.

Té earl grey superior

Earl Grey Superior. Black tea with bergamot citrus

The Darjeeling gardens lay at your feet. The Earl Gray is the option for the great tea drinkers.

Ingredients: Black tea, Darjeeling and bergamot natural flavour.
Weight: 100 gr.

Té cinnamon addiction

Cinnamon Addiction. Black tea with cinnamon

Just by opening the box you'll find the pungent cinnamon scent that makes you crazy.

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, cinnamon and scents.
Weight: 100 gr.

Té christmas secret

Christmas Secret. Black tea with spices

Lights, gifts, snowmen and a cup of tea under the Christmas tree... what else do you want?

Ingredients: Black tea, apple, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, orange, pink peppers, clove and scents.
Weight: 110 gr.

Té granmas's fruits

Granma's Fruits. Black tea with forest fruits

This tea reminds of the freshly picked forest fruits jam that the Little Red Riding Hood grandmother used to prepare.

Ingredients: Black tea, elderberry, berries, rasbperry leaves, raspberries and scent.
Weight: 100 gr.

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